What’s IoT?

Bildergebnis für internet of Things

Recently, everyone has been talking about IoT – Internet of Things. What is it exactly?

Internet of Things is a term that has been used officially since the 90s. The first connected object was a toaster back in 1989. The idea behind IoT is simple: connect at least two smart objects through a WIFI or Internet network.

Smart objects

However impossible to talk about IoT without mentioning “connected objects” – smart objects. Here we notice a major difference. A thing becomes an object when it is connected, that is to say, provided with a sensor, an RFID chip or it is “embedded”. Only then does an object transform into a “smart” object with 4 essential functions : monitoring, controlling, optimizing, autonomy.


The “wearables”, connected clothes are all around theses days. Think of the Philips Hue bulbs, the Tesla cars or simply Fitbit wristbands.

As soon as you hear IoT, think cloud computing. Cloud computing will be treated in an upcoming article.